Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Demo Recording Available

I just released a 7 song mini-album called “the [Sing Free] demonstration recording.” (see the tracklist below for Youtube links to the songs). As the title suggests, this recording is meant to be thought of more demo or set of bonus tracks than as an album that can stand on its own merits.

All of the songs on here have either appeared on previous albums or will appear on the upcoming album “Hydrogen” I am working on. But the recordings here have the songs stripped down to only acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing else.

I recorded this demo about a year ago as a preview for “Hydrogen” and to get a sense of what some of the new songs sounded like. My girlfriend suggested recording some guitar-only versions because she liked hearing them, and I also wanted something to submit if I ever wanted to try and get coffee shop gigs or something like that. I never intended to release it, but I had thrown a couple tracks on Soundcloud a number of months ago.

But I decided to release it now because the “Hydrogen” album has run into some delays and bumps in the road. Since recording the demo almost a year ago I moved back to Albany, NY from California, spent all summer studying for the bar exam, and in October I got a job in Geneva, NY. In Geneva I don’t have ready access to a grand piano for recording, and just recently the computer I use for recording died (fortunately the project is backed up, except for the outline of a new track I was working on a couple weeks ago). In other words, things are moving at a snail’s pace. The album “Hydrogen” is like what scientists say about fusion power; it’s 40 years away, even if they said that 40 years ago. So I figured I would release the demo just to release something.

Anyway, here is the tracklist:
3. Unknow
6. Ask

This recording is very raw. I recorded vocals and guitar simultaneously, which didn’t allow for any mixing (my recording setup only does one stereo input at a time). There are also a couple rough spots. For example, at 2:02 in “The Abundance” there is a note that is horribly off-key (trying to sing a tritone above the root and approaching it with no lead-in was a bad idea). 

That being said, I think it’s ok for the most part. The newer songs are decent, and I think the version of “Ask” that’s here is better than the version on the “Nine Questions” album. Strangely, my voice seems to have changed significantly with age, but in a good way. Listening to recordings of myself between 2009-2012, my voice sounded a lot tinnier (and dare I say whinier) back then.

So I hope you like it. Spotify streams it for free. CD Babysells an MP3 and lossless download for $3.38. Amazon MP3 and iTunes sell it for more so don’t buy it there. Private message me for the free download.


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