Monday, September 2, 2013

My new album "Expression" is now released

My new album Expression is released today in online retailers.

I wrote a more detailed account of the contents of the album earlier, but I made a few slight modifications to the tracklist since then. To sum things up, this album is a mix of rock and electronic music, and most of it is instrumental. For this of you have seen me play live, this album sounds very different from my more mellow solo acoustic set. This album was kind of me saying to myself "let's get the weird stuff out of my system."

The album is mastered by Scott Apicelli at Blue Sky Studios in Delmar, NY.  He does a really good job, and he does not subject his work to the destructive loudness war that is being fought by mastering engineers. (I've complained about the loudness war extensively here and here).

The album is streamed on Spotify, Google Play, and other streaming sites. You can also purchase the album for download:

CD Baby sells the album for $5.60 here.
Amazon MP3 sells the album for $8.99 here.
iTunes sells the album for $9.99 here.

(Even though CD Baby is the cheapest, it's the one where I get the most money because it you don't have another middleman like Amazon or Apple taking a cut. Of course, I don't expect anyone to actually spend money on this because I am just an amateur doing this as a hobby, so message me if money is an issue).

Here is the album's tracklist:

1. My Own
2. If You Are Awake
3. Likeness
4. The Decision to Not Do Drugs
5. The Future
6. Do Not Touch
7. I Drove Away
8. When Quiet Becomes
9. Clear
10. (This is My Expression)

The title of (This is My Expression) is in parentheses because it is optional (it is the only track with my singing). As I wrote earlier, it is debatable whether the album is better or worse if you hit stop after Track 9. I have never been fully comfortable with (This is My Expression). It's kind of long, kind of whiny, etc., but it's there, so I'll let you decide for yourself.

When Quiet Becomes is the only track I did not describe in my last post, as it was a late addition. It is a slow instrumental that has a gradual buildup. The track is built around two very simple chord progressions, but hopefully all the changes in instrumentation in texture along the way keep it interesting.

Also in my last post I mentioned a track called Heart Goes Out. I decided it would not fit the feel of the album, and at the very end decided not to record it. Maybe next time.

So there it is. I hope you like it.


Here is the cover art that I designed:

Also, here as some pictures from the sessions:

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