Saturday, September 1, 2012

Protect What is Important to You

Now that law school is in full force, I have asked myself whether or not I will have the time to focus on the new musical projects that I would like to complete.

The answer, of course, is that I have no choice. Every time I have made a conscious effort to set music aside and focus on other things, it has never lasted for long.  Let's keep it that way.

During orientation there was a faculty panel, and Dean Chemerinsky asked each of the professors to give advice for those beginning law school.  After the obligatory "I don't believe in giving advice" disclaimers, each professor had a couple of brief words. I don't remember anything anyone said, except for Prof. Glater. Perhaps he was telling us what we wanted to hear, but he said something which was important for me: "Find that interest that is not related to law, and protect that. Don't let anyone tell you this should be your whole life."

Of course, for me that interest is music.  And so I refuse to live by the notion that music has no place in the high-stress fast-paced world of law.  Otherwise I wouldn't have brought my recording equipment to Irvine. We are told to get an education to makes our lives better. But any life that closes off the important things is not worth pursuing. Rather than live in extremes, I would instead like to keep things as balanced as I can. I might be dreaming if I think I can make the album of my dreams during the first year of law school. But we creative types always live in a fantasy.

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