Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Drove Away: (new track with MP3)

Friday was one of those nights when nothing was going right and I didn't want to talk to anyone. So after going to Eastman to record some improvised piano over a click track, I came home and locked myself in my room to see what I could do with it. First I spent about an hour trying to figure why my beat software wasn't working right. (I think it's working now, but I still don't totally know what happened)  But around 10pm things started rolling.

Perhaps I'm making this sound too dramatic. But the music that came out was intriguing. And in less than 24 hours (including sleep) the track went from not existing at all, to being completely recorded and mixed. How's that for progress? If I didn't have a job, you might think that I could write and record an album from scratch in just two weeks. Crazier things have been done, I suppose.

As for the track itself, it is too moody. It is piano-driven, and with any piano-driven pop track you run the risk of the "cheesy factor."  I'm not sure why this is.  The piano is one of the most beloved instruments ever, but when not used correctly, can sound cheesier than other instruments might sound when playing the same chords. So I tried to mitigate the "cheesy factor" by creating strange electronic dissonances and using Mammut to create a menacing soundscape in the introduction and conclusion. Since the introduction and conclusion are played in free time without a click track, it was a bit tricky to overdub instruments on top. You might notice rhythmic inconsistencies as a result. Just try not to be bothered.

Here it is:

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