Saturday, June 30, 2012

"My Own:" the new track from out of nowhere (MP3 streaming)

Today I woke up and build a track from the ground up, with no planning prior to today. I started out with a couple of speech samples that were then gargled, reversed, and "mammutized." Combined with a kick and snare, they formed the basis of the drum track. A couple of synthesizer overdubs later, and here it is:

But now there is a problem. The tracklist for the album "Hydrogen" is already set. Even though most of the album is yet to be recorded, it's "written in my head" so to speak, and this new track I recorded today doesn't fit inside the tracklist I have already set. This new track is menacing, but sterile, whereas I intend "Hydrogen" as an album to be a little more warm, and a little more personable. So now what do I do?

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